Under the Spell of Horses – Documentary


A Marwari horse. Image retrieved from http://www.flickr.com . Attributes to Ajay Goyal

I love documentaries! All sorts of them! The documentaries that I find particularly charming, though, are those which show the cultural heritage of a nation. And if the theme is horses, then things get more exciting!

I watched “Under the Spell of Horses: India” on YouTube last night. The film was about the native Indian equine breed Marwari. This breed has been used in wars and traditional events; it is decorated and made to dance to ethnic music.

Horses are worshiped like gods in the multitheistic Indian society and people look for specific characteristics on the horse they are about to buy, because they believe that such characteristics bring luck to the owner.

This documentary is a fascinating journey through India’s rich heritage on the back of Marwari horses.



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