Equine Therapy-Battling with schizophrenia: Morgan’s inspiring video

Equine therapyGood evening to all my sweet readers! You who have followed this blog for a little longer, might remember an article about Morgan, a lovely girl from Ohio suffering from schizophrenia. You might want to know that Morgan is doing great, and also that the family altogether are doing great! Morgan is a little heroine, while her parents are real warriors, and the most impressive thing is that they fight together!  I have been in touch with them and I am very glad to know that these strong people are doing awesome! Recently they sent me an e-mail with this very touching video:

Finishing this post, I would like to send a plea to you all to check out the products on offer on Morgan’s website, as all profits -to the very penny/cent etc.- are spent on her medical costs. Also, click here to check out her fab. new T-shirt design! Let’s gift ourselves, yard employees and all our loved ones an item from Morgan’s collection, spreading the message that mental diseases are real and solidarity is significant. And also, to give Morgan an extra Christmas gift, which she deserves as a child. And maybe more importantly, to give our own young ones the most valuable gift of all: the gift of inspiration.


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