Horsey things that non-horsey people would argue with equestrians about

SAM_0343  Equestrianism is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. Once you start, you soon have new habits and friends. Now, if your circle until then was not very much horsey, then sometimes -like me- you will have to confront people that matter to you, but don’t share your new interest. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stand more arguing. So, here are some arguments that my family members and friends often raise:

  • Get a cheaper hobby. Isn’t jogging enough?
  • What will happen if the horse spooks and starts kicking and running around like crazy and bucks you off?
  • Why spend so much money on clothing, accommodation, food and medical support for a beast that is able to kill you anytime it wants? Better get a doberman; it’s cheaper and can harm you as effectively. Oh, and it fits inside the house!
  • What is equine therapy? Better take your medication.
  • Why would you wake up early to look after an animal, since you can hardly take care of yourself?
  • Look how filthy you are! Don’t you dare to mix your stinky, poo-smelling barn clothes with any other laundry!

What other arguments have you faced? Please tell!


2 responses to “Horsey things that non-horsey people would argue with equestrians about

  1. I don’t hear any of those comments off family and friends. I only have one non horsey friend.
    In fact I get more comments off fellow owners, who you would think sharing the same passion would be less inclined to do.

    Mine doesn’t cost the earth. Only the moon 🙂

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