Crete: Man arrested for equine abuse

Picture from

Picture from

A disturbing discovery was made by members of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation in the district of Heraklion in the Greek island of Crete, when they found tens of equine corpses (horses and donkeys), in the area surrounding a catering business.

Policemen had discovered earlier two donkeys in a horrendous situation, hardly able to stand and with their furs fallen off. Based on the reports, it is estimated that the donkeys have been in this condition for at least six months. The man who owns the business claimed that the donkeys had been abandoned and he had collected them for treatment. But nobody believed him, as the federation had received reports about tens of equine corpses and skeletons in the surrounding area.

In an effort to rescue the surviving equines which remained in the hands of the abuser, the federation took pictures from the area where the corpses had been found and the police proceeded to his arrest last Monday, 3 August. The man’s court hearing has been postponed.

Treatment for the surviving equines has been arranged.

Below there is a small collection of the photos taken (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES)

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Here are the links of the original articles (in Greek):

This is a quite disturbing incident that proves that the equine abandonment and abuse crisis occurs in many countries, where irresponsible people possess equines without caring about their welfare. The fact that this happens in my homeland as well makes me feel embarrassed. At least I hope that justice will do its job. Fast.


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