A post with no purpose

Hello everybody! It’s been a long absence, as I have been fighting with a 5,000 word postgrad essay monster. A big one, I have to say. So big, that, 24 hours after its submission it’s memory still dominates my life. I hope this stops sometime today or tomorrow, otherwise I will need to use the uni’s counselling services.

So yes, my brain has been on strike today. It protests about nine months of overwhelming mental work, plus health issues. It’s been a harsh year, I’ve had a quite unfair business with the British Academia; it took my health and brought me trouble! :p

So, today I’ve been suffering the writer’s block, as they call it over here. But, as always, the solution is to force your brain out of it and start writing down things coming to your head randomly. It always works, actually, and this is what I’m doing right now, so please don’t take this post too seriously, otherwise you too will need counselling.

What has just come to my head is my immediate environment. My dormitory room, that is (yes, I’m turning 30 next month and I live in a dormitory room, the same will do a 60-year-old lady next year, as far as I know). It is in an absolute mess -thankfully not as messy as quite many others. My desk is a fire hazard! It is overloaded with all kinds of paper; academic books and articles, files, stationery, reference lists, two accidentally printed copies of the essay, British essay-writing guides (I’ve already mentioned I’m a Cretan lady studying in the UK) notes all over the place, pens, ink correcors. A real mess!

What else? Oh, let me complain about my internet stuff. My wordpress notifications won’t load. I’ve got thousands of e-mails waiting on each of my email accounts, an internship application to review for “The New IR Scholar” project (the first one ever, so yay!), catching up with friends I can only reach on the web, and all my websites need updating.

And of course, I look forward to resume my equestrian activities. Well, this blogpost is not very equestrian. But as I said, my brain is still dominated by my essay trauma!

If you are still reading, well, good luck with counselling. I love you.


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