The beauty challenge: grooming a friesian horse!

I would love that -if I was a horse! Photo from

All creatures have the right to beauty and horses are no exception, especially when they participate in shows. We want them clean, shiny and impressive at special occasions. Besides, it is also a matter of hygiene, preventing funghi and bacteria. Problems that add to the costs’ part of the owner’s budget.

If you are not too enthusiastic about grooming, then a friesian horse is probably not for you. Yes, it’s all this hair that it carries. And imagine all this hairy stuff getting sweaty and messy in summer, at high temperatures (42 celcius, for example). You don’t want a stinky horse, that carries loads of organisms that you can’t see, but their effects are quite visible as soon as they become a problem.

So, my inquiry for the day was how people cope with all this hairy trouble that a friesian horse carries! So, I found this video on YouTube. I warn you; too much trouble!


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